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Endian Firewall Installation

Endian Firewall Installation & Configuration

Endian Firewall Minimum Hardware Requirement :

  • Networks with up to 25 users and five VPN connections need a Pentium III 1 GHz processor. PCs running Endian on networks with up to 50 users require a Pentium IV running at 2.8 GHz or faster.


·         For smaller networks, Endian needs only 512 MB of RAM; for larger ones, Endian requires at least 1 GB.

Hard drive space

·         Small networks need at least 8 GB of available hard drive space, while larger ones need 20 GB of available hard drive.

Network Interface Card
PC running Endian Firewall need two 100 MB network cards.

Endian Firewall (EFW) ISO image Download:-

Insert the Endian bootable ISO disk into the CDROM drive and boot the system.

Press ENTER  to  continue and you will see the system loading

Chose language- English (Press TAB to get OK button)

Follow the Screen(Press TAB and OK)

Chose YES to continue

If you don’t have an Ethernet connection, you can use a serial cable to use and install and manage the software:

Here you will prompted to  configure minimum configuration setting. The default IP is with default subnet mask  of You should change both of these to match your local (internal) network.

Remove the boot CD and press enter to Reboot

When the system has reboot , you will get the following console . Open web browser and enter Management URL  as shown below:

If you received warning about a certificate,  click “Continue to this website”

You should then see the Endian welcome screen, click “>>>” to continue

Choose your language and Timezone and then click “>>>” to continue

Accept the license agreement then click “>>>” to continue

This is perticularly useful if you are recovering from a system crash. However, this is your first time installation, you won’t have backup, select  ‘NO’  in the drop list then click “>>>” to continue

The Endian is has two passwords for management, one is for the web management front end, and the other is for secure shell (SSH). Define password and click “>>>” to continue

Network setup wizard

The first step is to define what type of internet (Public) connection you have. Select Ethernet static and click “>>>”

As a minimum, the Endian will need a RED zone and a GREEN zone, which represent the public  and private network respectively , select “NONE” click “>>>”

This diagram below shows the setup of GREEN zone(LAN) which you assingned at the beginning of the installation, you can also change the IP here. At the bottom of the page you need to define the hostname, and the domain name of the system

Set the IP address, the subnet mask and Default gateway and you select which physical network card is associated with the RED zone. MTU and Spoof MAC address is optional, can leave blank

Here you will need to specify  DNS server address . DNS1 and DNS2,

System event can be emailed to an administrator. This is an optional step

This is the final step, select “OK,apply configuration” and wait for the setting to be saved.


Enter User Name as “admin” and Password as given during installation to login

Endian Firewall (EFW) ISO image Download:-


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